Unit Jasa dan Produksi

Combining with Teaching Factory concept, get the best service and product for your need in PPNS.

A. Service Center

  1. Inspection and Instrumentation Test:
  • Wire rope test / inspection (up to Æ22 mm).
  • Transformation oil test and oil treatment.
  • Load cell 35 ton.
  • Infra red.
  • Water bag 5 ton dan 10 ton.
  • Boiler inspection
  • Heat and Gas Leak inspection
  • Material test (tensile, bending, impact, hardness, radiography, ultrasonic, wall thickness, metallographic, viscosity, corrosion, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle test and macro etching).

2. Design, Consultation, Survey and Supervision

  • Steel Structure Design using software FEA MSC PATRAN.
  • Auto Pipe software Design.
  • Detail drawing using AutoCAD software.
  • Mechanical Equipment using CATIA software.
  • Design Safety Management System
  • Design PLC programming.
  • Surveying and Consulting in Construction, Machinery and  Safety.

3. Machining and Production

  • Shafting and shaft repair use metal spray.
  • Manufacturing high precision machine component by using conventional machine devices or using High Rigidity Axial Fid System CNC (3,3 m in wide), CNC milling, Wire Cut and CNC lathe
  • Steel and Piping Structure Design using FEA MSC PATRAN, Pro Steel, and Auto Pipe.

4. Steel Structure Fabrications

  • Roll plat with 10 mm thickness, angle profile roll and H-beam, pipe roll with  Æ 2”, Æ 4” and Æ 6”.
  • Bending and plat cutting up to 6 mm in thickness, 2400 mm in length.
  • Welding process using SMAW, GTAW and GMAW welding machine
  • Plat mild steel cutting (up to 20mm thickness) and plat stainless steel cutting (up to 10 mm thickness).
  • Conveyor tank, cyclone, box container Manufacturing.
  • Lifting Tools Design and Manufacturing; gantry crane, Jib crane, lifting boat etc.
  • Supporting facility: Cutting machine, Roll machine, Bending machine and CNC flame cutting.

5. Electricity and Electronic Services

  • Microcomputer Programming.
  • PLC Programming.
  • Electronic Design.
  • Electricity Panel Working.
  • Power Motor Repair.
  • Pipe Roll uses H-beam.

6. Ship production

  • Patrol Ship  8 m, 9m, 11m,  and 14m.
  • Speed Boat 4 m.
  • Wooden Ship 6,5m, 7m, and 13 m.
  • Water Bus Tours “Catamaran “ 6,5 m capacity for 22 people.

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